Freezer Pack Specials

Variety Pack
10lb Pork Roasts
4lb Country Ribs
6lb Round Steaks
4lbs Sirloin Steaks
6lb Chuck Roasts
6lb Chicken
5lb Pork Chops
10lb Ground Beef
5lb Bacon

Steak Pack
5 16 oz Porterhouse
5 16 oz T-Bone
5 10 oz Ribeye
5 10 oz New York Strip
5 24 oz Sirloin
5lb Ground Chuck Patties

Pork Pack
8lb Country Ribs
5lb Pork Chops
5lb Pork Steaks
10lb Pork Roasts
5lb Bacon

Cookout Pack
5lb Italian Sausage
5lb Brats
5lb Ground Chuck Patties
5lb Beef Hot Dogs
5lb Marinated Chicken Breast
5lb Sirloin Strip Steaks

All Packs must be ordered in person and at least 2 days
in advance. All orders are at our
discretion. Allowed two substitutions per
pack, but only with items within the pack. Deposit required.