We offer a wide variety of steaks to choose from. Our steaks are cut daily and our butchers will cut to your specifications if desired.


Fresh breads and rolls along with baked pies.


Our sausage is also made fresh daily. Whether you have a taste for polish, smoked, Italian or brats, we have it all.


Most of our deli salads are homemade and our lunchmeats and cheese are sliced fresh. We also make party trays for any occasion.


We carry a variety of smoked meats such as beef sticks, salmon, pig ears, dog bones, and beef jerky.


For a quick and easy meal, pick up a slab of BBQ ribs or 1/2 BBQ chicken done on our very own BBQ smoker.

Marinated Chicken

Try our assortment of marinated boneless skinless chicken breast.


We have one of the best rotations of fresh soups ready. These change actively, so don't pass on them when you see a favorite!

Heat & Eat Meals

Are you busy? Did you get caught up on a project today? No worries. Our heat and eat meals are ready for you to stop in, grab, and cook.


What's a good steak without at least a little onion and pepper? Come take a look at our fresh produce, sourced locally!